Largest U.s. Weight-loss Study Shows Long-term Weight Control Is Possible With Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (ili)

The Weight Debate: 5 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

According to an editorial on the study in Obesity, this success is “likely due to the intensive and comprehensive nature of the lifestyle intervention, and confidence in the study’s findings is underscored by the trial’s excellent rate of retention.” In addition, weight losses were similar among men and women, and across racial-ethnic subgroups, indicating that all individuals can benefit from an intensive diet and exercise intervention. “Intensive lifestyle interventions, like Look AHEAD, can be successful for people affected by obesity and overweight across the board, regardless of racial-ethnic background, and can lead to improvements in quality of life, mood, mobility, fitness and reduced need for medication,” continued Dr. Tsai. “The next step is to replicate interventions like Look AHEAD, but at a lower cost and for more people, and to determine which individuals can benefit most.” The Look AHEAD trial is the largest and longest randomized controlled trial of behavioral intervention for weight loss and was designed to assess the effects of an intensive intervention on cardiovascular disease outcomes, as well as multiple other health outcomes in people with miracle garcinia cambogia overweight/obesity and type 2 diabetes.
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This may be genetically rooted or the result of overindulgence in a particular food. There are so many patients that lose weight quickly when they learn about the foods they cannot digest. This does not mean everyone needs to be gluten-free or dairy-free. Instead, everyone on a weight loss mission should be clued into their own particular set of food intolerances. Elimination diets, lab tests and symptom diaries tracking changes with certain food groups are ways to help identify your food intolerances.
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